A time for cleaning, scrubbing and reflection

In these strange times of lockdown I've experienced waves of emotions - the incredible anxiety of this new threat of disease, the overwhelming responsibility of schooling two children; fear for a business I've spent 7 years building up, and finally, enjoyment at having a bit more free time to reflect on that business, spend time with my husband and children, and do some of those jobs that never seem to get done.

As a milliner, Spring would usually be my busiest time of year as racing events are underway and wedding season begins. I often work late into the night putting the finishing touches to clients hats and putting swatches together to post the following day. This all stopped virtually overnight, and although I have faith that it will bounce back, there was still a sense of helplessness that I couldn't work and support my family (and in all honesty had no focus to for a while).

After a few weeks getting the girls settled into a new routine, I wanted to do something to help those who are still going out to work to help others and keep us safe. So after reading how people were sewing scrubs for the NHS, I set to work.

49 metres of ironing!!!! All in a good cause I keep telling myself.

I've now completed scrubs, headbands and washbags for our local hospitals and care homes. I even managed to squeeze in little homeschooling sewing class to make ear-saver headbands (I have to grit my teeth watching those little fingers near that needle!).

As the weeks pass, my urge to create has re-ignited, and I'm so excited to be taking some time to learn new millinery skills and design hats, and I can't wait to share them with you all soon!!

Stay safe! Isobel xx

Sewing a bandeau headpiece.

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