The forming of a hat...

Of all my larger hats, this style has definitely proved most popular. Designed for myself to wear at a 1940s revival, it actually has its roots a little earlier in history.

For beautiful, stylish, inspiring women of the 30s you'd easily be forgiven for thinking Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Vivien Leigh to name but a few. What you might not think of is a lady described by one of her closest (albeit fictional) companions as 'Unbelievably ugly and incredibly efficient'.

Yet Miss Lemon of Poirot fame did indeed strike me one day with a simple yet stunning dress which I instantly added to my look board.

With the asymmetric collar and button detailing stand out features, I soon had a few ideas, but I wanted the design to remain faithful to the simplicity, which myself I prefer rather to wear over an abundance of feathers! Not one for overly large hats, I decided to keep the crown quite shallow as being short, it allows a better range of vision and means I'm not craning my head to speak to my 6' husband all day!

And here it is....

Hopefully Poirot would approve and perhaps be a little kinder in his description of me, though I honestly can say I'm not in the least bit organised or efficient!

Isobel x

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